to insure the next billion people.
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Protect more people sustainably.

Understand health more accurately.

How insurers transform risk management and protect more people with Lydia AI
Create differentiated health
and insurance products.
Serve niche and underserved markets with new specialty insurance plans, designed specifically for them.
Close the protection gap.
Empower agents to personalize recommendations based on the customer's personal health score.
Assess health using more data.
Expand insurability by augmenting actuarial models.
Improve digital insurance accessibility.
Remove purchase barriers by accelerating underwriting practices with predictions, instead of lengthy fluid testing.
Create digital insurance products with Lydia AI
No more unnecessary medical exams, lengthy forms, or waiting periods.


Prospects use the Lydia-powered app to consent their data to get their personalized health assessment.

Data Control & Security

Prospects choose to share with their agents an abstracted health score not containing medical details.


Prospects can potentially qualify for accelerated underwriting by including their health score.

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